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Exigence Professional exigence, spirit of innovation, feel consulting :
it's on theses criterias of quality that for more 35 years, RTS CHAPUIS, french leader of ambulance's stretcher has built his past and consumer loyalty :civil security, SALMU, Hospitals, private stretcher-bearer, ambulances men developers.

RTS CHAPUIS offers to you : :

  • A site of production right up-to-date.
  • Its engineering department integrated (CAO - DAO)
  • A quality step very rigorous
  • The use of modern manufacture concepts, with working stocks of hight technologies, such as aluminium alloys resulting aeronautical.

A dynamics resolutely turned towards the future with :

  • Constant optimization of tools in order to offer services up to customers' requests.
  • Constant improvement of our products
  • Recourse to new system and technological equipement to gain in reactivity and competence.
  • Spread towards nex markets especially abroad.
  • Placing of a deontology in order to guarantee to the whole of users, products constantly in accordance with standards. (Label Origin France Guarantee)
  • The guarantee of French manufacture.
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